Layers: An Example

Layering is one of the most powerful and useful tools you have for your makeover projects. You can create layers in various ways, isolate image sections, work on them, and then place them where you want them. The selection you made in the Kachemak Bay image is a handy basis for creating a layer we can use in a makeover.

1 Choose WindowoLayers to activate the Layers palette.

2 With the last sky selection active, choose LayeroNewo Layer via copy (%+J or Ctrl+J).

Note that a new layer is added to the Layers palette.

3 In the Layers palette, choose Multiply from the Layer Blending Mode drop-down menu.

Doing so darkens the whole sky and makes the clouds pop out in contrast.

4 Click and drag the first multiplied layer over the Make New Layer button at the bottom of the Layers palette.

This creates a second multiplied layer. The sky becomes even darker and the clouds stand out in even greater contrast.

Note how adding these multiplied layers changes the whole mood of this image. And the fact that you were very careful to create high-quality selections and masks means that the transitions between the various parts of the image will be gradual and natural looking.

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