Making Over Backlit Images (continued)

0 Using the soft-edged brush, paint a mask over the portion of the image you would like to adjust.

Remember that the QuickMask tool has been active all this time, just waiting for you to select your brush.

For our example, paint the mask on Zip and me. I recommend that you paint the interior areas of the selection with a big brush, and then work the edges with smaller brushes.

With some images — such as this one — you can get by with less precise selections, but typically you will want to be careful when you make your selections, because careful selections lead to better quality results.

Note: You can always undo a portion of the section using 8§/Ctrl+Z, or by switching foreground colors from black to white (X) and unpainting the mask.

! Click the Normal selection tool in the Toolbox or type Q to deactivate the QuickMask.

You're presented with a normal selection on-screen, which can then be edited. (In this case, we want to lighten the selection.)

@ Choose ImageoAdjustmentso Curves.

The Curves dialog box shows up on-screen.

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