Making Over Diffuse Highlights (continued)

Note that the Input Levels Highlight slider on the right side of the histogram is located well to the right of the main image data in the histogram. This far-right location of the highlight pointer is a clear indication that the diffuse highlight value for this image is too high.

8 Use the Highlight slider to adjust the Highlight value.

Move the Input Levels Highlight slider in the Levels dialog box until it is under the beginning of the first major data peak.

9 With the Eyedropper of the Info palette positioned over the diffuse highlight on Tauna's shirt, fine-tune the position of the Levels Highlight slider.

I'd aim for a highlight value in the Info palette registering approximately 5 percent.

Now view the change in the image, after you have adjusted the highlight. Note how the image is lighter overall, the diffuse highlight is bright white (but detail is still present), and the contrast is improved as well . . . all just by adjusting the highlight point!


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