Making Over to Remove Distractions (continued)

9 Press the Opt/Alt key and then — using the Healing Brush tool — click the area you would like to clone.

As with all clone tools, first sample the area you'd like to clone and then paint the area to be replaced.

Here, pick an area far enough from the flare so you can paint the entire flare with a single set of painting strokes. Try your sample off to the right of the flare.

0 After sampling, release your keyboard keys — and then click, hold, and drag as you paint across the flare with one continuous set of back-and-forth strokes

Be sure to start your click-and-drag operation outside the flare, and continue until the flare is covered.

! When finished, release your mouse button.

The painted pattern is going to look obvious while you're actually manipulating the Healing Brush, but the strokes disappear — along with the flare — when you're done using the tool.



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Photoshop Confidential

'Working with Clone Tools

Photoshop has a variety of Clone tools, including the Rubber Stamp tool, the Healing Brush, and the Spot Healing Brush. When you use one of these tools, pay attention to the Options bar settings, as these often determine the success or failure of an attempt to use a tool — as well as how hard you must work to achieve your results. More often than not, you'll find that using soft brushes with multiple strokes provides better results than trying to clone in one fell swoop. But there are always exceptions to any rule. In the makeover I

highlight here, you use a hard-edged brush with one application and the results are very good — better than, or at least as good as (and much faster than) those you'd get if you used a soft brush with multiple strokes. Be sure to experiment with your Mode settings — if one mode is not providing the results you want, try another. (Switching back and forth between Luminosity and Normal is a good strategy.) In other words, don't be afraid to try various settings or to break the rules once in a while.


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