Meet the Author

Dr. Taz Tally is President of Taz Tally Seminars, a computer publishing, consulting, and training company. He is the author of numerous books — including Photoshop CS2 Before & After Makeovers, Acrobat and PDF Solutions, Avoiding the Output Blues, Avoiding the Scanning Blues (a Doubleday Book Club featured selection), The UMAX MagicScan Manual, and SilverFast: The Official Guide — and he served as a contributing author to The Photoshop World Dream Team Book. He has produced numerous instructional videos, CDs, and DVDs on scanning images, prepress issues, Photoshop, color correction, font management, and keyboard shortcuts, and was the instructor for the video training series DeskTop to Print. A frequent presenter at seminars and trade shows throughout the U.S., Taz is also a member of the Photoshop Dream Team — mainstays at the biannual Photoshop World conventions. He is also a frequent contributor to Photoshop User magazine, for which he writes a regular prepress column.

When he is not touring the country presenting his seminars, Taz generally heads off to the outdoors. One of those outdoor places he especially enjoys is his home in glorious Homer, Alaska, where he revels in mountain biking, kayaking and hiking, Nordic skiing, and nature photography with his Cardigan-Welsh-Corgi Zip. Taz has also been sighted skiing the powder snows in Utah, diving with the whales in the waters off of Hawaii, and prowling the terrains of the desert Southwest and Mexico.

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