Memory-Color Makeovers (continued)

^ While monitoring the #2 sample point in the Info palette, click and drag the sampled point on the curve downward until the #1 sample Blue value is approximately 116.

Note that our #1 sampled point did not quite make it down to the projected Blue value of 121 — and if you pulled the curve down until the Blue value did equal 121, the image would appear too yellow. This sometimes happens where one of the values may not be exactly on the money. That's why you use at least two points (I often use three). Multiple sets of RGB data to monitor improve the consistency of your results. One of the values may be off if the data in the image vary widely; if you have several data points, you can ignore any blatantly anomalous values.

& Click the OK button to apply the color corrections to this image.

When you compare the final image with the initial image, you'll see that a (relatively simple) color makeover has made a huge difference.

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