O Click OK to apply this option.

The Quick Mask Options dialog box closes, and you're ready to apply your mask.

8 First click the Brush tool (B) in the toolbox to call up the tool, and then click the Brush menu in the Options bar that appears.

A wealth of Brush options appears.

9 Select a medium-size brush (here 65 pixels) to start with; then use the slider to set the hardness to 0%.

Taz's Take: A soft-edged brush is crucial for the success of this technique.

Here's a really handy tip for performing this type of work. Use the bracket keys [ ] to increase and decrease the size of your brush on the fly as you work, so you don't always have to return to your Brush palette.

Brush control galore: You can exercise complete control over your brush size, shape, and an enormous variety of other characteristics with the help of the Brushes palette. Choose WindowOBrushes (F5). You can drag the Brushes tab out as a separate palette if you want it to remain available as a floating palette (instead of disappearing after every use).

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