Accessing the Filter Gallery

The easiest way to access the Filter Gallery is to choose Filter > Filter Gallery. The Gallery dialog box shown in Figure 8.10 appears. (If you choose one of the filters included in the gallery from the Filter menu, the Filter Gallery also pops up.) If not all the filters in the gallery are visible, click the button to the left of the OK button. There are several components to work with. These include:

• The Preview window. At the bottom of the window are plus/minus buttons you can click to zoom in and out, an activity indicator that shows the progress of the filter as it is applied, and scroll bars (at both bottom and right side) you can use to view all of an image that won't fit in the preview window.

• Categories/Thumbnails. In the middle of the Filter Gallery is a list of filter categories that can display thumbnails of each filter available. The triangle next to each category name points toward the category when that folder is closed, and points downward when you open the category to display the filters it contains. You can show or hide all the filters in a category folder, and scroll through them.

• Controls. Each filter's controls, including sliders and buttons, appear to the right of the filter category list when a particular filter is selected. There is also a drop-down list you can use to scroll through an alphabetized listing of every filter in the Gallery.

• Applied Filters. At the lower-right corner of the Filter Gallery is a list of the filters that have been applied in this Gallery session.

• Sizing Controls. As with many PC and Mac dialog boxes, you can enlarge the box to provide more room for previews, lists, and other features without scrolling.

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