Applying the First Filter

Let's jump right in and apply a filter to see how the Gallery works. Just follow these steps:

1. With the Filter Gallery visible, click the Zoom buttons until the catbottle image fills the preview area.

2. Open the Artistic folder in the categories/thumbnails area.

3. Select the Poster Edges filter, with the default settings. Photoshop applies the filter, and Poster Edges appears in the list of applied filters in the lower-right corner of the Filter Gallery.

4. Notice the Eyeball icon in the right-hand column of the applied filters area. Click the Eyeball to make the Poster Edges effect you've applied invisible. That will return the image to its original appearance.

5. If you decide you don't want to use Poster Edges, just click on a different filter. The original filter's effects will be removed and replaced by those of the new filter.

6. Note that you can show or hide the Poster Edges effect with the Eyeball, and change the settings of the effect at any time, up until you click the OK button to apply the modifications. The image will look like Figure 8.11.

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Photoshop CS Mastery

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