Brush or Patch tools.

If you'd like to work on this image yourself, locate the prairiedog image on the website and follow along with the steps that follow.

1. Zoom into the forehead area of the prairie dog.

2. Click the Healing Brush tool in the Tool Palette (or press J to activate it). Unlike the most common

Photoshop brush tools, the Healing Brush doesn't have a selection of preset brushes from which to choose. In fact, the Brush Palette is deactivated while the Healing Brush is in use.

3. Set your brush characteristics from the drop-down dialog box available in the Options bar, as seen in Figure 4.25. You can choose the brush size, hardness (how hard or fuzzy the brush is), brush shape, and other parameters. Choose a 27-pixel brush, and leave the hardness set at 0, producing a medium-sized soft brush.

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