Camera tilt.

2. As before, give yourself a little working space, choose Image > Canvas Size, and change the width of the image to 1500 pixels, and the height to 2500 pixels.

3. Choose View > Fit on Screen to allow the enlarged image to fit comfortably on your screen.

4. Choose View > Rulers to turn on display of Photoshop's measuring guides at the upper and left edge of your image.

5. Click in the ruler on the left side and drag a Guide out onto the picture area, aligning it with the right side of the tower. Repeat to create a Guide at the left side of the tower.

6. Choose View > Rulers again and turn off display of the Rulers. You won't need them any more. Your image

Figure 2.7. Apply Guides to help line up your image as you change its perspective.

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Learn Photoshop Now

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