Color Correction

Sometimes a horrid-looking image may have nothing more wrong with it than the balance of colors used to represent the image. Other times, the balance may be okay, but you'd like to make the colors look horrid in order to produce a desired special effect in your image.

Color balance is the relationship between the three colors used to produce your image, most often red, green, and blue. You need to worry only about three different factors.

• Amount of Red, Green, and Blue. If you have too much red, the image will appear too red. If you have too much green, it will look too green. Extra blue will make an image look as if it just came out of the deep freeze. Other color casts are produced by too much of two of the primary colors when compared to the remaining hue. That is, too much red and green produce a yellowish cast; red and blue tilt things toward magenta, and blue and green create a cyan bias. Figure 6.10 shows the same image with red, green, and blue color casts.

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