Correcting Vignetting

This is two features in one! Not only can you remove vignetting in the corners of your image, but you can add some darkness rather quickly and efficiently if you want dark corners (or lighten the corners, too, if that's what you prefer).

To use Photoshop's vignetting correction feature, follow these steps. If you want to try this feature out on your own, use one of your images for practice. It really doesn't matter what photo you work with; the vignetting effect can be seen with any image that isn't already completely dark or completely light in the corners.

1. Choose Filters > Distort > Lens Correction to produce the dialog box.

2. If you want to get rid of the distraction of the grid, make sure the Grid box is unchecked.

3. In the Vignette area of the dialog box, move the Amount slider to the right to darken the corners of the image, or to the left to lighten them.

4. If you find the area being affected needs to be enlarged or reduced, move the Midpoint slider. Moving to the right increases the size of the vignette, while sliding to the left decreases it.

5. Click OK when finished. Figure 2.63 shows an image being processed.

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