Dark Strokes

The Dark Strokes filter reduces the number of tones in the image through a posterization-like effect that combines similar tones in an unusual way. Instead of grouping similar colors together, Dark Strokes makes dark tones darker and light tones lighter, increasing contrast, while rendering the image with diagonal brush strokes. Short strokes are used for dark tones and longer strokes for light tones. Figure 8.23 shows the Craquelure and Dark Strokes filters applied to the portrait image.

Figure 8.23. Craquelure (left) and Dark Strokes (right).

Figure 8.23. Craquelure (left) and Dark Strokes (right).

This document is created with trial version of CHM2PDF Pilot 2.16.100. Dry Brush

The Dry Brush filter mimics a natural-media effect, that of stroking a canvas with a brush that's almost devoid of paint. It doesn't obscure as much detail as other painting-style filters, but retains a distinct painting look. As it posterizes your image, Dry Brush produces more distinct banding than Dry Strokes, combining all similar colors in a particular area. Adjust the size of the brush to produce different effects.

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