Figure 2.13. After cropping, your image will look like this.

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Introducing the Lens Correction Tool

Photoshop CS2 introduced a fourth method for fixing perspective problems, using the Lens Correction tool found in the Filters > Distort menu. I recommend using this tool only for fixing slight correction problems, because it provides less control than any of the three methods already described in this section.

The Lens Correction tool can do a lot more than fix perspective distortion, too. It can be used to correct chromatic aberrations, pincushion and barrel distortion, vignetting, and other problems. If you aren't sure exactly what these potential lens defects are, I'll describe them, along with tips on using the Lens Correction tool in the last section of this chapter. Rather than break the discussion into two parts, I'm going to address the use of this feature to fix perspective problems there, too.

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