Figure 2.42. The Radial Blur filter adds some motion effects.

Radial Blur


Blur Method: (*)Spin

Quality: 0 Draft OGood

Figure 2.43. First, add some radial blur to the soccer ball, as if it were spinning.

4. Press Q to enter Quick Mask mode, and using a 65-pixel soft brush, "paint" a mask onto the right halves of the bodies of the players on each side of the kicker. These players are running towards the left side of the frame, so we want to add a little blur to the right sides of their bodies.

5. Press Q again to exit Quick Mask mode, then choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to invoke the dialog box shown in Figure 2.44. Move the Radius slider to about 3 pixels and click on OK to apply the blur.

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