Figure 5.46. Darken the underside of the kitten, and lighten her eyes.

Notice that parts of the desk are reflected in the shiny black surface. The kitten needs a realistic reflection of her own. Here's how to do it.

1. Choose Layer > Duplicate to duplicate the kitten layer.

2. Select Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical to produce a mirror image of the kitten.

3. Use Edit > Transform > Rotate to rotate the mirror image counterclockwise so it will appear at the side of the kitten, rather than in front of it.

4. Reduce the opacity of the reflection to about 30 percent, using the slider in the Layers Palette.

5. Here's the sneaky part: adjust the way the reflection merges with the shiny desktop by selecting Difference as the merging mode in the Layers Palette. This will ensure that darker parts of the reflection merge with the desktop, while letting the lighter parts show through. This produces a more realistic reflection than one in which the reflection layer completely overlays the desktop layer.

6. You can optionally apply some Gaussian Blur to the reflection to soften it, or leave the reflection sharp to give the desktop a shinier appearance. I didn't use Blur in the image shown in Figure 5.47, but you might want to.

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