Figure 6.13. Exposing daylight film under tungsten illumination, or taking a digital picture with a


Solution: You can often make corrections for this type of defect digitally in Photoshop. However, to avoid the need entirely, use the right white balance setting with your camera, or purchase the correct film, or use a filter over the camera lens to compensate for the incorrect light source. You may not need to bother with color negative films because they can be corrected during the printing step, but will certainly want to do something in the case of slide films, because what you shoot is what you get. Note: the light a filter removes must be

With a digital camera, set the white balance manually using your camera's controls. Your camera probably has a setting that allows you to point the lens at a white object and let it use that as its white point. Or, your camera may have some built-in white-balance settings for tungsten, fluorescents, daylight, and other sources.

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