Figure 7.1. The red object at the top of the frame grabs our attention, but becomes just another fra

• Color destroys the atmosphere. Moody pictures, high contrast photos, documentary photos with a gritty feel, and many other subjects may all look better in black and white. Would Dorothea Lange's immortal photo, "Migrant Mother" have been as effective in color? The cracked and lined face of the destitute mother of seven (who was, in fact, only 32 years old) was more powerful because it was shown in stark black and white.

• You want a historical look. A full color photo of a Civil War reenactment will be realistic, but it won't look like it could have been taken during the Civil War. Figure 7.2 wasn't really taken 150 years ago (the modern fireplace is a clue), but at least a full color image didn't tip us off.

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