Fixing Chromatic Aberration

This one's a toughie because chromatic aberration may be difficult to see and evaluate, and is difficult to fix. The effects differ from camera to camera and lens to lens, too. So, your results will generally vary from mine. I'm going to provide you with the basics so you can experiment on your own.

Figure 2.58 shows an image that's been enlarged so you can see the chromatic aberration, which is most noticeable as the blue/yellow (green) fringing around the shoulders of the softball player's jersey. To partially fix this problem, I used Filters > Distort > Lens Correction to produce the Lens Correction dialog box shown in Figure 2.59. Then, in the Chromatic Aberration area of the dialog box, I moved the Blue/Yellow Fringe slider all the way to the right. (I unchecked the Grid box at the bottom of the dialog to produce an unobstructed view of the original image, too.) While this didn't fix all the color fringing problems in the image, it did eliminate the green fringe in the jersey's shoulders.

This documentiscreatedwithtrialversionof CHM2PDFPilot2.16.100. this shot as green fringing.

Figure 2.59. The Lens Correction filter has removed the green fringing.

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As you might guess, you'll need to experiment with this tool to see if it's suitable for your particular camera, lens, and subject matter.

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