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• Feather. (fade out a selection; also Alt/Option + Ctrl + D) Type in a pixel value for the desired width of the fade zone.

• Modify. Change the selection boundary to a border of a pixel width you specify; smooth the rough edges of the selection border; expand the selection border outward by the number of pixels you specify; contract the selection border inward by the number of pixels you specify.

• Grow. Adds adjacent pixels that fall into the brightness range specified by the Magic Wand tool's options.

• Select Similar. Adds pixels anywhere in the image that fall within the Magic Wand tool's tolerance setting.

• Transform Selection. Produces a set of handles you can use to modify the selection using Photoshop's transformation tools. Right/Control (on the Mac) + click the selection to choose one of the transformation options, such as Scale, Rotate, Skew, and so forth.

• Load/Save Selection. Allows you to save the current selection, or load one you've previously saved.

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