Making Rectangular, Square, Oval, and Circular Selections

The easiest way to make rectangular, square, oval, and circular selections is with the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee tools. To make such a rectangular selection, just choose the tool (press M to select it), then drag in your image, releasing the mouse when the selection is the right size. To deselect any selection at any time, press Ctrl/Command + D or click anywhere on the screen with a selection tool outside of the selection border. If you click outside the border with another tool, this shortcut will not work. Hide a selection by pressing Ctrl/Command + H. Here are some of the options you should learn when using the selection tools.

This document is created with trial version of CHM2PDF Pilot 2.16.100.

• Click at the point where you want the rectangle or ellipse to begin, and then drag in any direction. The selection will grow from that point in the direction you drag.

• Hold down the Alt/Option key and click a point, then drag in any direction. The selection will radiate outward, with that point as its center.

• To draw a perfect square or circle, click and hold down the Shift key while you drag. Hold down both the Shift and Alt/Option keys when you first click, and the selection will radiate from the centerpoint where you clicked.

• Choose Fixed Aspect Ratio from the Style drop-down list in the Option bar, shown at the top in Figure 5.6. Leave the Width and Height values at their default 1, and forget about holding down the Shift key. You'll draw only perfect squares or circles every time you click and drag when this option is active.

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