Merging Photos the Hard

It's useful to learn how to create panoramas the hard way, because there are times when merging photos entirely using manual techniques is the way to go. For example, you might find that some sophisticated color matching or sharpening needs to be done on each photo to make them match smoothly. Photomerge might not provide the cleanest transition, so you might choose to do it using the technique I'll describe next.

1. Create a large, empty document, approximately 3,000 pixels by 1,500 pixels, then copy and paste the left and right versions of the Toledo picture into the new document.

2. Try to align them so they overlap. You'll see that the right picture is rotated slightly relative to the left picture, and offset vertically. That's because these photos were taken handheld, without benefit of a tripod. You can see the ill fit in Figure 5.23.

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