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It's difficult to get your models to stand exactly where you want them. The most frequent error amateur photographers make in group shots like this is to fail to have the subjects standing close enough together. Even seasoned pros can fall victim, especially when the subjects include a lively quartet of second-graders in which one or more of the boys doesn't especially want to touch one of the girls. Luckily, Photoshop makes it easy to move our subjects closer together, as I did in this case.

1. Use the Lasso selection tool to create a selection around the boy at the left. Select some of the wall area behind him to make it easier to blend the boy back into the picture.

2. Press Ctrl/Command + C to copy the boy's figure, then press Ctrl/Command + V to paste him down in a new layer.

3. Press E to select the Eraser tool, and then remove part of the area surrounding the boy. Use a soft-edged eraser brush on the wall area at the right side of his head, and a harderedged brush to erase his sleeve, so he can overlap the girl. Figure 4.21 shows what the partially erased layer should look like.

4. Use the cursor arrow keys to nudge the boy closer to the girl.

5. Flatten the image when you're satisfied, producing the final image shown in Figure 4.22.



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