Other Color Models

The hue-saturation-brightness color model, also known as HSB or HLS (for hue-lightness-saturation), is a convenient way to manage color for some operations. For example, if you want to adjust the saturation of a color without modifying its hue or brightness, HSB mode (using Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation) is the way to go. In this model, individual colors, called hues, are represented as they are in a rainbow, as a continuous spectrum, arranged in a hexagon like that shown in Figure 6.7. The full color space is represented as a double hexcone that extends upwards and downwards from the hexagon, as shown in Figure 6.8. The top of the axis drawn through the center of the cones represents pure white, while the bottom point represents black. Moving higher in the cone produces lighter colors; moving lower in the bottom cone produces darker colors. Saturation is represented by movement in a third direction, outward from the center axis. The center represents a desaturated color and the outer edges represent fully saturated hues.

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