Pc and Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

As you work through this chapter and those that follow, keep in mind that some keyboard shortcuts are different for the PC and Macintosh. Most tools from the Tool Palette can be selected by pressing the appropriate alphabetical key on the keyboard, except when the Text tool is active. So, you can switch to one of the Marquee tools by pressing M on both PCs and Macs. Press Shift + M to cycle through the alternative versions of that tool, the Elliptical and Rectangular Marquees. Use the same technique to select the Lasso tool and its variations (use L), as well as all the other tools on the palette. Learn the keyboard shortcuts and use them.

Some shortcuts use keys in combinations, and you'll need to keep in mind that the PC and Mac have the Shift keys in common, but other keys have different names on the two platforms. In this book, I'll separate the equivalent keys with a slash, so when you see Ctrl/Command or Alt/Option you'll know to press the Ctrl and Alt keys on the PC and Command and Option keys on the Macintosh. The Mac also has a Control key (not to be confused with the PC's Ctrl key), which serves the same function as a right-click with the mouse on the PC. So, right-click/Control-click are the same command sequence on the two platforms. And, the Mac has a Return key rather than an Enter key.

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