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Tonal Width:



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Midtone Contrast:

30 px

30 PX

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Tonal Width

You can use the Tonal Width slider to specify the number of different tones (from 0 to 256) that will be modified. The readout is in percentages, but you can mentally calculate the tones that will be affected. For example, at the default 50 percent setting, roughly half, or 128 of the tones (in either shadows or highlights) will be modified. At 25 percent, only 64 tones are susceptible to the changes you apply.

It's important to know just where those tones reside. Smaller percentages restrict the adjustments to only the darkest tones (with the Shadow slider) or the lightest tones (with the Highlight slider). So, setting the Shadows Tonal Width slider to 25 percent means that your tonal adjustments will be applied only to the tones represented by the values 0 to 63. The same setting on the Highlights Tonal Width slider would limit changes to tones with values 192 to 256.

Using values that are too large produces a halo effect at the bright/dark boundaries, which you can see in Figure 6.27.

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