If you're serious about photography, you should be serious about Photoshop CS2 and its exciting new features, too. Whether you're a casual snapshooter, a dedicated photo buff, or a professional photographer, you have a major advantage over those who approach Adobe's flagship image editor from other backgrounds. You have everyday working experience with the kinds of imaging or darkroom techniques that Photoshop was designed to mimic, enhance, and surpass. You'll find that approaching Photoshop from a photographer's perspective can put you on the fast track to mastering all the tools Adobe puts at your disposal.

Thinking about Photoshop as an extraordinary photography tool can also work for you even if you are not currently a serious photographer. If you specialize in computer technology, art, or graphics, you will find that learning about the imaging techniques that form the basis for each Photoshop capability can help you, too. A deeper understanding of photography will help you use the image editor better, while improving those latent photographic skills you didn't know you had. Anyone who fine-tunes and manipulates photos will find that this book makes them a more proficient, well-rounded image worker.

If you feel there isn't enough photography in the average Photoshop book, and there isn't enough Photoshop in the average photography book, the book you're looking for is right in your hands. Whether you're a snapshooting tyro, or an experienced photographer moving into the digital realm, you'll find the knowledge you need here.



Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop Secrets

Are You Frustrated Because Your Graphics Are Not Looking Professional? Have You Been Slaving Over Your Projects, But Find Yourself Not Getting What You Want From Your Generic Graphic Software? Well, youre about to learn some of the secrets and tips to enhance your images, photos and other projects that you are trying to create and make look professional.

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