Before you add an anchor point, you may want to preview the curve it will be making. This is especially helpful when you're outlining an image. To use this preview option, click the down-pointing arrow in the Option bar and mark the Rubber Band checkbox. Thereafter, when you release the mouse button, but move the pen to set your second anchor point, a curved line will follow it. You can use this feature to assist you with anchor point placement as you outline an object.

Moving an Anchor Point or Direction Point to Change the Shape of a Curve

You can change the shape of a curve:

1. Draw a simple path with the pen: one anchor point with direction lines, connected by a curve to a second anchor point.

2. Select the arrow from the palette and place it on the first anchor point. Click on the point and drag it. The shape of the curve will change as you do.

3. Now place the arrow on one of the direction points (at the end of a direction line), and drag it back and forth. This is another way to change the shape of a curve. When you select the pen again, you can continue drawing from where you left off.

Making a Selection from a Pen Tool Path

Here's how to transform your path into a selection:

1. Select the path you want to transform by making its layer active.

2. Right/Control + click the path and choose Make Selection from the pop-up menu shown in Figure 5.13.

Figure 5.13. Change a path to a selection.

Figure 5.13. Change a path to a selection.

3. In the Make Selection dialog box you can set the feather radius for the selection border and, if you want, you can choose the Anti-aliased option.

4. Choose whether you want a new selection, or add, subtract, or intersect a current selection.

This document is created with trial version of CHM2PDF Pilot 2.16.100. 5. Click on OK to change the path to a selection.




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