This filter wraps your image or selection onto a sphere. The dialog box shows a wireframe representation. You can specify outward and inward bulges from 0 to plus or minus 100 percent. The effect is quite similar to that of the Pinch filter. However, the Sphere filter also lets you distort your image around a vertical or horizontal cylinder, by choosing Horizontal Only or Vertical Only from a drop-down list. If your selection area is not round, Spherize will carve out a circular area in the middle of the selection, and distort that.

Spherize is great for creating spheres from scratch. If you want a plain sphere, try this trick: Select a circle and fill with a radial gradient. Position the center of the gradient up and to one side of the circle. Use Filter > Render > Lens Flare to make the surface even more realistic. Then apply the Spherize filter. Presto! One ballshaped object, ready to roll.

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