Tiger kitten.

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1. Select the kitten from the original image, and paste her down into the Chinese Desk photo. Use Edit > Transform > Scale to adjust her size to one that's realistic for the desktop.

2. Use Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast to boost the contrast of the kitten to match the harder lighting of the desk surface.

3. Press Q to enter Quick Mask mode, and using a fairly large soft-edged brush, paint the undersides of the kitten's feet, body, and tail. Press Q again to exit Quick Mask mode and use the Brightness/Contrast controls again to darken these under-surfaces.

4. Press Ctrl/Command + D to deselect everything in the image, then use Quick Mask mode to paint a selection that encompasses the kitten's eyes. Exit Quick Mask mode and use Brightness/Contrast to lighten the eyes dramatically and give them much more contrast. Your image will now look like the one shown in Figure 5.46.

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