Your Next Stop

While I'm not your one-stop source for toll-free technical support, I'm always glad to answer reader questions that relate to this book. Sometimes I can get you pointed in the right direction to resolve peripheral queries I can't answer. You can write to me at [email protected]. You'll also find more information at my website at Should you discover the one or two typos I've planted in this book to test your reading comprehension, I'll erect an errata page on my website, along with kudos to readers who report anything that, on first glance, might appear to be a goof.

A final warning: I first came to national attention for a book called Sorry About the Explosion! This book earned the first (and only) Computer Press Association award presented to a book of computer humor. Since then, my rise from oblivion to obscurity has been truly meteorica big flash, followed by a fiery swan dive into the horizon. So, each of my books also includes a sprinkling of flippancy scattered among all the dry, factual stuff. You aren't required to actually be amused, and you can consider yourself duly cautioned.




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