• Title: Choose this option if you want your video CD to have a title screen. Type a title using a maximum of 20 characters.

• Background Music: Choose a file from the pop-up menu or click Browse to locate an MP3 or WAV file on your computer. The background music will play during the slide show.

• Transition: From the pop-up menu, choose how you want one image to transition to the next.

• Page Duration: Decide how long you want each photo to be displayed on-screen. Choose a time from the pop-up menu or type in your own time.

• Allow Video to Resize: If you are using a video clip, you can choose this option if you want the video clip to resize itself to the dimensions of the video CD template window.

I would avoid this option and let it play at its original size.

• Include Captions: Select this option if you want your captions to appear under each image. If you don't have any captions, nothing will appear.

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