• Select a preset size from the list. If more than one copy of the photo(s) fits on the page, the preview shows the layout of the photos. If only one print will fit on a page, you can scroll through the pages using the Backward and Forward buttons.

• Choose Fit on Page to scale the image to fill the page. If the photo is small or has a low resolution, and it is scaled to fit the page, the quality may be unsatisfactory.

• Choose Custom Size. When you select this option a second dialog box appears to allow you to enter your desired dimensions.

The right side of the dialog box shows the preview of how the images will be printed on the page. If you change a print option, Album updates the preview.

Being the ever-so-frugal program that it is, Album may automatically rotate your images in order to maximize the number of prints that it can fit on a page.

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