Adding a caption

You also can use captions in creations, such as eCards, Web and 3D Atmosphere galleries, calendars, photo books, video CDs, slide shows, instant slide shows, and albums.

If you plan to use captions in a creation, you have to add the captions before you make your creation. If you don't, no captions will appear with your images. (For more on making creations, see Chapter 18.) Also, when you print a contact sheet, you can choose to include captions. But again, the captions must be added before you print the sheet.

Here's how to add captions to your files:

1. Select a file and double-click the thumbnail to open the image in Single Photo view in the Photo Well.

Or you can choose ViewOProperties to display the Properties pane. Then select a thumbnail in the Photo Well.

2. Enter your caption in the Caption text box, as shown in Figure 6-3.

When you duplicate a photo, you also duplicate any captions, notes, and tags attached to that image. Be sure to apply all those extras before you duplicate your image to save time. For more on duplicating photos, see Chapter 7.

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