Adding tags to Workspace items

You can attach tags to items in your Workspace. To add a tag in the Workspace, simply click the Attach Tag to All Items button at the top of the window, and choose your desired tag from the drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 16-3. For example, if you're assembling a group of vacation photos because you want to have create prints for you, you could create a tag called Vacation Print Order #1.

All items are tagged. You can't attach tags to individual items. Tags can be attached to individual files only in the Photo Well. For the lowdown on tags, see Chapter 5.

^jttNG./ It isn't wise to use the Workspace as a temporary storage area because whenever you start to work on a new creation the Workspace clears out all the files that were placed there before. Do what you need to do with the files, but don't forget about them.

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