Album and Organization

I bet that you love photos — taking them, looking at them, and sharing them. I bet that you love knowing that you've captured and preserved the memory of special events, milestones and moments of your life and those of your family and friends.

And maybe you're like me because the thing you don't love is the time-consuming task of organizing, labeling, and placing the photos into albums. That task always seemed to stay permanently affixed to my to-do list.

When I switched to a digital camera, things improved some. I didn't need any more storage totes or garage space. But, digital images bring on a whole new set of problems. Does this scenario sound familiar? Do you have a clutter of inconsistently named folders and unintelligible alpha-numerically named files scattered all over your hard drives or burned haphazardly onto CDs?

Enter Album — your photo organizing personal assistant phenom. Album quickly (and with a miniscule learning curve), enables you to import, organize, find, manage, fix, and share your photo collections.

Sure, there's an initial time investment. And Album doesn't turn lazy people into efficient organizers (I still have to scan my analog prints). But because of its ease of use, you might find yourself (like me) full of renewed enthusiasm for the task of organizing your images. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, or in this case, in the albums. I have seen how efficient Album is at transforming unorganized clutter into an ordered, streamlined system. I have seen the best organizational system since the Dewey Decimal system at work. I have seen the light!

And the bonus is that after you've gotten your images organized and manageable, you can relax and use those images in some creative and expressive ways. And Album is there to help you with that as well, allowing you to make wonderful creations. So Album not only makes your life easier, it makes it more fun, too. It's the best 50 bucks I ever spent.

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