Checking out the Adobe Web site

I am assuming you have an Internet connection. But if you don't, you really should consider getting one. It will allow you to share your photos via e-mail or on the Web. It will also allow you to access resources for working in Album. Visit Adobe's Web site, shown in Figure 2-14, by using one of the following methods:

i Click the Go to button in the top-right corner of the Album window. Click the Go to the Adobe Web site ( button near the top-right corner of the application window.

i Choose HelpOAdobe Online.

i Go to in your Web browser.

At the site, you'll find the goodies, such as i Album software updates (called patches) i Tutorials i User-to-user forum i Support Knowledgebase database of commonly reported problems and issues

Figure 2-14:

Visit www. often to get useful information and download software updates.

Figure 2-14:

Visit www. often to get useful information and download software updates.

^ Adobe Support Marketplace where you can ask technical questions online ^ Tech Support contact information

Album makes use of context-sensitive menus that can save you time by allowing you to quickly execute commands with a single mouse click. These context-sensitive menus display different commands and options and dynamically change according to what you've already selected or where you are within Album. To display a context-sensitive menu, position your mouse pointer over an image or item in a pane (mini-window) in Album. Right-click your mouse. If a context-sensitive menu doesn't appear, no menu is available for that tool, pane, or item.

You may have noticed while taking a breather and resting your mouse that if you position your mouse pointer and pause over almost any item on the screen — a tool, a button, or an icon — that a name, keyboard shortcut or explanation appears. That name or explanation is known as a tool tip and is a handy feature, especially when you're first learning the ropes of Photoshop Album.

Choose HelpOSupport to go right to the Customer Support page of

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