Creating eCards

If you feel like being environmentally conscious and don't want to be a gasp, "tree killer," try sending an eCard. Here are a few benefits to sending eCards:

1 Your recipient gets it quickly. 1 You save on postage and envelopes.

i You don't need a high-resolution image. Because eCards are meant to be viewed on-screen, they are a great option if the image you want to use doesn't have a high enough resolution to print.

i You can personalize an eCard. That's more meaningful than the ones you find at online e-greeting Web sites.

If your recipient doesn't have access to e-mail, you also can burn your eCards onto CD if you so desire. See Chapter 7 for more on burning CDs.

Like all creations, Album kindly provides you with a potpourri of template styles and options to choose from. As a final crowning touch, you can add music or an audio caption to your eCard. What family member wouldn't melt when receiving an eCard from their loved one with a personal audio message, like "I love you?"

Here's how to create an eCard:

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