Creating photo books

When you're looking for that special gift, either for yourself or someone else, photo books can fit the bill. Using Album, you design the book with your photos and text. After you design your book, you access an online service, such as MyPublisher, which I discuss in Chapter 15. Prices start as low as $29.95 for a book with a minimum of 10 pages.

Figure 17-15:

Create a video CD to make slide shows to view with a DVD player and TV.

Katie and Kylie at Ellis Island

Figure 17-16:

Choose an output option, like Burn, to publish your creation.

Figure 17-16:

Choose an output option, like Burn, to publish your creation.

Photo books can be great for preserving the memories of a wedding, reunion, birth, graduation, or other special occasion. They are also perfect gifts for less formal occasions as well. Here are a few situations when a photo book would make an excellent gift:

^ Classroom or team gift: Take photos of all the students in a class or on a sports team or club. Let them all create their own message, which you then enter as a caption for their photo. Have the students pitch in a dollar or two toward the price of the book, and you have a wonderful, personal thank-you gift for a teacher or coach.

^ Gift for the bride and groom: You could do the same thing for a couple getting married. Take childhood photos of the bride and groom, add photos of their courtship, and finally end with photos of their wedding. Add personalized captions, and I guarantee you've got a gift that will be appreciated much more than a toaster.

Here are the steps to create a photo book:

1. Start your creation by following the steps in the section "Making Creations with the Creations Wizard," earlier in this chapter.

This takes you to Step 2 in the Creations Wizard.

2. Choose the style of photo book you want and then click Next.

If you choose the Just Photos style, you will not have the option of adding captions.

3. In Step 3 of the wizard, specify the following options. Click Next when you're done.

• Title: The title will appear on the cover and first page of the photo book.

• Subtitle and Author: The subtitle and author name will also appear on the cover and first page of the photo book.

• Header and Footer: Enter text for the header and footer of the photo book, if you want these items, and if the style you chose allows them to be added.

• Include Captions: Select this option if you want captions to appear under each photo.

• Include Page Numbers: Select this option if you want your photo book to have page numbers.

4. Preview your photo book in Step 4 of the Wizard. If things look okay, click the Next button.

Use the navigation buttons to scroll through each page. Click the Full Screen Preview button to see your photos at full-screen size.

5. If you want to publish your book, select one of the following printing options. If you want to print it later, skip to the next step.

These are your printing options:

• Order the book online: Click the Order Online button to order a hard-bound, printed photo book from

• Print it yourself: If you want to print the book on your own printer, click the Print button in the Output Options list. You can then take it to your local copy shop to have it wire or coil bound.

See Chapter 15 for details on using online services. For details on printing, see Chapter 14.

6. Click the Done button to exit the Creations Wizard.

Album saves the creation, and it is selected at the top of your Photo Well.

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