Creating slide shows

Slide shows are a great way to share photos. They provide such a better viewing experience than simply looking at photos as e-mail attachments. You also can burn slide shows onto CDs and give them to family and friends to play at their leisure, either on their computer or on their TV via a DVD player.

Instant slide shows, described in Chapter 9, are quick-and-dirty slide shows you create with selected photos. While great for previewing your images, you cannot add all the bells and whistles that you can with the regular slide shows described here.

Your collection of photos is saved in a single, compressed file. This is very handy when e-mailing multiple photos to people who have attachment number limits evoked by their Internet provider or e-mail client.

Album allows you to set up the sequence of your images, choose a template style, add captions, music and transitions between slides, such as fades and wipes. Slide shows also include a control panel so that the viewer can control the playback.

Follow these steps to create your own slide show:

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