Dragging and dropping into other applications

If copying and pasting or using the Export command is too tedious for you, you can always drag and drop images from Album's Photo Well into other applications.

Simply select the photo in the Photo Well, and drag the image from the Photo Well to your destination application. This technique works if you want to drag and drop an image into an image editor (like Elements), a page layout program (like Adobe InDesign), a word processor (such as Word), or a presentation program (such as PowerPoint).

Not all applications support the drag-and-drop method, however. If you see a nasty No symbol (a circle with a slashed line) when you try to drag and drop, that's a sign that what you're trying to do won't work.

By the way, you also can drag an image from the Photo Well directly onto your desktop. Here are a few points to remember about dragging and dropping:


l If you are dragging and dropping into Elements or Photoshop, you don't even need to have an open file. You can just drag the image directly into the application itself, and the file opens automatically in a new window.

l You don't have any options in the size, quality, or format of the exported file. So drag and drop an image only if you are planning on using the image in its current state in Album.

l You also can drag photos from the desktop into the Photo Well in Album. When you drag and drop the photo, the Getting Photos dialog box appears with a preview of the photo. Album then creates a new file with the image data, which appears in the Photo Well.

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