Getting Images Off the

Album does not have a direct way to import images from the Web. If you want to bring Web images into your catalog, you must save them to your hard drive and then use the method described in the earlier section "Importing Images from Your Hard Drive."

Most images that you download from the Web, unless otherwise noted, are low resolution and not really suitable for any applications, such as printing, which require higher resolutions. They are fine for displaying on alternate Web sites, for viewing in e-mail messages, or for slide shows to be displayed on-screen.

Make sure that any images you get from the Web are not copyright protected. There are numerous sites that offer free or inexpensive, copyright-free images for your personal use. And of course, there are also great sites such as Getty Images, Corbis, ThinkStock, and PhotoSpin, all of which offer high-quality, high-resolution photos (priced accordingly of course) for business and personal use.

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