Getting Intimate with Your Printer

If you print your photos on your home printer, Album provides several options. For example, you can print single prints, picture packages, or creations. But before you can get to the fun stuff, you really have to get to know your printer:

I Read the manual. If you've been using your printer for awhile, you may have a good handle on its strengths and shortcomings, but have you really put the printer through the paces? To really understand your printer, you should — please don't slam the book shut — read your manual. I know, it can be tedious and not very enjoyable, but you never know what good info and recommendations you may glean from it.

I Test, test, and test some more. I don't mean, stick a piece of paper in the printer and see whether something is printed on it when it comes out the other end. I mean really make your printer jump through some hoops. Try each and every print setting. Try different combinations of options. Try different kinds of papers. Label each print with the settings, options and kind of paper and compare the results. What setting works best with photos? What setting is best for glossy paper? Is there a difference between a print at 1440 dpi and another at 2880 dpi? Only when testing can you discover your printer's proclivities. For example, some printers have a tendency to print a certain color cast (some printers tend to create bluer or greener output, for example).

Testing is a very time-consuming process, but one that will reap rewards. You will know what works and what doesn't. Only when you've got your printer's personality down to a science can you can sit back and print anything and everything without worrying about the quality of the output.

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