Getting photos

Album lets you import photos, video clips, and audio clips from your hard drive, camera, card reader, scanner, CDs or DVDs, and external media such as Zip disks. When you import items into Album, it creates links to your files so it knows where the photo is located, what the file format is, and other information.

Here's how this linking works. Album keeps track of your files in a database of information called the catalog. Album automatically creates a catalog (appropriately named My Catalog.psa) when you first launch the program and brings in your photos and clips. The catalog keeps track of your files, whether they are on your computer's hard drive or reside on other media such as CDs or DVDs.

The catalog collects information (called metadata) about each photo, but it doesn't contain the actual photos themselves. Album retains the metadata and a proxy, which is a low-resolution copy of the image, a kind of file body double. For full details on importing photos, see Chapter 4.

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