Giving Your Photos a Better Identity

In This Chapter

^ Renaming your files ^ Working with captions ^ Adding notes

^ Adding and playing audio captions ^ Viewing information about your photos f f you have been poking around in Album a bit, I am sure you have gotten the feeling that this program loves to provide you with data. Without trying too hard, you can find all kinds of data about your images, from where they originated, to when they came into existence, what you did with them, and where they are currently stored. Album is like a digital private detective when it comes to identifying your files.

You can contribute to that profiling of your images by adding additional information. Album lets you give descriptive names to your files and add captions, notes and audio captions. You'll find many opportunities to add descriptive tidbits. For example, you can add data directly in your images, in creations, galleries, and contact sheets. Captions and notes help you not only identify and find your images, but also to enhance your presentations. Use them in a fun and creative way, and they can make your images and creations really come to life.

You also can use captions, notes and annotations as a basis to search for your files. For details on how, check out Chapter 8.

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