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| Collecting your source materials ^ Importing files from your hard drive

Importing photos from cameras, card readers, and scanners Importing files from CDs, DVDs, and Adobe resources

ZM fter you've successfully installed Album and have a feel for how it works, it's time to wrangle your files and get them into the program. If you have a large inventory of files or if your images are scattered about, this process may take a good chunk of time. But the feeling of well being and peace of mind that comes from knowing all of your images are in one centralized, well-organized location is well worth any time you invest.

You can get your files into Album many ways, depending on the source they're coming from — your hard drive, CDs, your digital camera, your scanner, and so on. Album gives you a lot of assistance in finding and importing files and makes the process extremely simple. However, Album isn't quite able, at least not yet, to hook up your camera or scanner for you or look on your shelves for CDs. That manual labor is still up to you, and it's the first step toward getting stuff organized in Album.

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