Importing Files from Your Hard Drive

After you've completed the "hunting and gathering" of source materials, you're ready to start importing files into Album. When you import files from your hard drive, Album creates a link to those files. This means that the file itself isn't copied or embedded into the program. Instead, a low-resolution version, called a proxy, is imported, and the thumbnail is displayed in the Photo Well. A link is created from the proxy to the full-resolution file on your hard drive. When you need to use the full-resolution file — to print a copy or make a creation, for example — Album goes out and gets the full-resolution data and uses it.

Because the files are just links, it is important that you don't move the files from their original folder locations after importing them. If you move a file, Album will not be able to find it and will consider it a "missing file." You will then have to reconnect the file to its new location. (For more on reconnecting missing files, see Chapter 7.)

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