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/f you just recently tore the shrink wrap on your Album package, this is a good place to start. I guarantee that Part I will prevent you from staring blankly at the screen or timidly poking about at unknown buttons. The chapters in the first part introduce you to Album and get you over the new software jitters. I cover the basics in Chapters 1 and 2 — what Album does and how it works. You'll find useful information about the user interface and about setting your preferences. And very importantly, you'll find out where and how to find other sources of help, should you find yourself either lost or pulling out your hair. Chapter 3 is an important chapter that helps you work with resolution, file formats, and color modes. By the time you're done with the chapters in Part I, you and Album will have gone beyond the awkward introduction and should be nicely acquainted.

Chapter 1

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