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lbum's got features coming out of its proverbial ears, r • but in order to use them, you have to bring your files into the program. Album can get photos from just about anyplace — digital cameras, scanners, CDs, hard drives. Unfortunately, it can't dive into those shoeboxes and storage totes full of snapshots and suck them into the monitor, but in Chapter 4 you find everything you need to know about importing your files from a multitude of sources. After you import your files, you can start to utilize one of Album's greatest strengths — its capability to identify, track, and organize your photos, clips, and creations. Chapters 5 and 6 show you how to create and use tags, captions, and notes to identify and organize your image inventory. Be sure to back up your catalog in case of a computer glitch or other type of catastrophe. Chapter 7 shows you to create backups of your catalog and also how to archive images onto CD or DVD to make more space available on your hard drive.

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